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Lampedus proposed

for the Nobel Peace Prize 2014

By Francesco S. Alonzo

September 27, 2013

Unlike all other premiums, which are delivered in Sweden, that for the Peace Prize is awarded and then handed over the course of a solemn public ceremony in Oslo, the Norwegian capital, where the active "Nobel Peace Prize Center" is.

Recipient of the proposed nomination made by PROFOCA (Professional Foreign Correspondents) from Sweden, is the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Thorbjørn Jagland, who was invested in this position from 2009 to 2014 (the year for which the Sicilian island will compete for the prize), Jagland is also the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

Before Lampedusa formalizes its nomination, some members of the board of Profoca had been in contact with the Nobel Committee, from whom they have taken the '"impression" that the proposal of the journalists would have been considered carefully. The president of PROFOCA, the Chinese Xuefei Chen, said that "no other organization or international personality would be more deserving than the population of Lampedus “for its fight throughout the years to help thousands of immigrants from starvation and death”. The spokesman Profoca, the Mexican Jose Luis Belmar (corresponding to TV Azteca , VERTIGO and other important media) insisted that the people of a small island has been under its own power and in their own homes, without any support from outside , helping all those people - mostly women and children, often small - fleeing from countries in Africa, whey they were victims of injustice, oppression, poverty and hunger.

Other members of the Governing Council - including the deputy president Abdullah Gürgün (Turkey), the secretary Sara Jasas (Iraq) and councilors Jelena Ivanisevic (Montenegro) and Rick Wasserman (Great Britain) - stress that the highest honor the Italian island would also have the important merit to encourage other nations "to learn the lesson of compassion, solidarity and altruism" imparted by a population that, despite not being counted among the "rich", he rescued from certain death thousands of refugees with the means and warmth offered spontaneously by virtually every citizen.

The action of Profoca - said some of its representatives - also serves to awaken the mass media around the world global indifference, already denounced by Pope Francis, not only in relation to the victims, but also those who are racing to come to their aid. José Luis Belmar also intends to create a television report and record radio to call for reflection European journalists so attentive in accusing Italy in times of crisis, but absolutely silent when it comes to highlight the tension and humanitarian efforts even made by the heroic population of a tiny Italian island to offer a safe haven and welcoming to those who have lost everything.

New images reveal how lakes were formed in Saturn's moon Titan

  • Saturday 26th October, 2013

    With the sun now shining over the north pole of Saturn's moon Titan, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has obtained new images of the liquid methane and ethane seas and lakes that reside near Titan's north pole.

    The images reveal new clues about how the lakes formed and about Titan's Earth-like "hydrologic" cycle, which involves hydrocarbons rather than water.

    While there is one large lake and a few smaller ones near Titan's south pole, almost all of Titan's lakes appear near the moon's north pole.

    Cassini scientists have bee

    n able to study much of the terrain with radar, which can penetrate beneath Titan's clouds and thick haze.

    Until now, Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer and imaging science subsystem had only been able to capture distant, oblique or partial views of this area.

    Several factors combined recently to give these instruments great observing opportunities.

    Two recent flybys provided better viewing geometry.

    Sunlight has also begun to pierce the winter darkness that shrouded Titan's north pole at Cassini's arrival in the Saturn system nine years ago.

    And a thick cap of haze that once hung over the north pole has also dissipated as northern summer approaches.

    Also Titan's beautiful, nearly cloudless, rain-free weather continued during Cassini's flybys this past summer. (ANI)



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